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Artistic Portfolio




Amadeo Gjurra is a queer immigrant filmmaker from Albania, who documents the vibrant nightlife of Provincetown, MA, where he currently lives. With a background in UX/UI design and theatrical/vocal performance, his work combines documentary film, entertainment, and activism. Amadeo’s interdisciplinary practice amplifies queer voices across media platforms, using films as catalysts for change. Recent projects focus on increasing the visibility of queer identities within the pole dancing industry and communities, aligning with his commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.



       As an adept Producer Director Filmmaker, I have a well-rounded background in film making, with a focus on the documentary genre. When producing one of my main pieces, “Colorful Balkans’, I had the opportunity to interview film festival directors from many different countries, which helped me gain more knowledge on the international film industry.


       I am technically skilled as well, having experience with Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office, and PHP core. My knowledge and experience with web design and digital marketing enhance my design skills and allow me to bring a more diverse and refined point of view. My previous works include Ux Design projects, ReBranding, Logo making and Photography.

         During the summer and winter, when I had time off from school, I worked really hard in the food and beverage industry to be able to afford the education that I desired.  On top of that I managed to get in touch with musicians and perform in a few bars. I believe my previous experiences demonstrate qualities such as hardworking, ambitious, communicative,  proactive, goal-oriented and sociable as an employer. 

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