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If there is one thing that defines me, that is my love for film making, whether that being direction or production. For the past five years I have been part of many academic, as well non academic projects, mainly focusing on the genre of documentary. Throughout this experience I learned and grew, but not to the level that I inspire to. I can say that  I am  fully skilled regarding the usage of main adobe tools for video editing such as premiere pro, audition and after effects. 

Movies Produced  by Me 

Colorful Balkans

This is my two hour long documentary, which was also my senior thesis for my major, about the LGBTQ+ representation in the Balkan cinematography. I went a quest to understand the current representation of the queer community in movies and also raise the question: Would a bigger representation have an impact on their lives? The countries I traveled to were Serbia, Greece, Albania and Kosovo, where I interviewed filmmakers and activists and then I went in gay friendly bars to get the community's opinion on the matter. It was really interesting to hear both sides of the story in different countries. The first part covers Serbia and Greece and the second one covers Albania and Kosovo, which was also more emotional for because I was born and raised in Albania.

Passionate Flight Attendant

While I was visiting one of my sisters in Luxembourg, I came across a very bubbly and fun flight attendant. Her personality gave me the certainty that she would be happy to get interviewed by me. Everything was very spontaneous my part and she was very easy to work with. The hardest part was recording the b rolls with a phone and also trying not to scare other passengers  getting on camera.

SAGE Interviews

SAGE was a club in my university that dealt with spreading the right information around our community about the sexuality and gender expression and equality. It is an acronym for Students, Advocating, Gender, Equality. During the spring 2019 semester I organized a cinematographic marathon, where I screened documentaries about STDs, Toxic Masculinity, Gender Identity, Feminism, Sexuality and  Tran sexuality. at the end of all the screening I organized a party to invite all the people that came and also asked them question about the screenings.

Travel Video Contest

This Video was made for the international student organization, where they provide financial support for international students. In this video we were supposed to should the impact Covid-19 had on our current and future education.  

Part 1

Part 2

Food Market in Blagoevgrad

This video is part a big project where I had to portray the story of a place through visual content and interviews. What I did was go to the vendors selling different products and ask them questions about how the market came to be and their story on how they established their business there. Along with the video I created a website where you can see the interview, and photo gallery of the products some of the vendors sell. Click the button below to see how the website looks like.

Happy Quarantine

During the time that corona virus was having its outbreak in Italy, I was traveling in the Balkans to shoot my documentary. Later on I went to travel in the Mediterranean part of Europe with my boyfriend, which was both exciting and scary. We had plan this trip since a long time ago and we didn't know the severity of the situation at the time. Thankfully we both managed to make it back to our apartments safely.

Yoga Teacher

One of my many school assignments was to portray the process of somebody's works only through images. I found an interesting yoga teacher who taught vinyasa type of yoga in Blagoevgrad. The idea I had was to have multiple pictures of movements that when put together in small frames of seconds create the illusion of movement. This is how motion picture started with the horse photographed by Eadweard Muybridge and that was how my filmmaking career stared.

Birthday Video

One of my lovely nieces had her birthday in October and I though of making her a video of all the footage I could get from our family WhatsApp  group chats and this is what I came up with. 

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