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Meet me as a

Audio Editor


Every film maker knows how essential audio is in a movie. Audio editing a must have skill in the film industry. As part of the Adobe creative cloud I've used Audition for most of my video productions. Below you will find two narrative stories no longer that 13 minutes, seeming like a short version of a podcast.

Audio Projects

Solaris Re Scoring

This is the opening scene of the movie "Solaris" by director Andrei Tarkovsky. I managed to re-score the opening scene by recording everything you hear in the video.

Lighthouse Chaser

This is a audio interview of Bela Benova, who is a multi lingual chocolate expert from Varna, Bulgaria. Her passion about photography and her childhood nostalgia about light houses pushed her to go on a journey to photograph as many light houses in Europe. This interview is a narrative of this journey and the struggles she had to go through to make her project happen. Later on she organized big exhibitions demonstrating the lighthouses she photographed

AUBG Students on Queer Life

This is a audio interview of a couple of students in the American University in Bulgaria talking about the differences of the queer life in Bulgaria and where they live!

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