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Meet me as a

Graphic Designer


Graphic Design is a required skill for my fields of expertise, them being film and web designing. When it comes to visual editing, I'm not as experienced as I am in film production or singing. I have great skills in using Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom. Some of my projects include designing logos, rebranding, packaging as well as  entertainment posters.

Design Projects

Rebranding of a Mattress Company

finalll logo.PNG

Effe2Flex is a mattress company for which a made a proposal for a rebranding of their company. The final logo I came up with was the one in the left, but if you want to see a full version of the presentation click the button bellow.

3 Logo B.PNG

Logo for a Health Center


This is a logo I designer for a chiropractic health center in Los Angeles. One of the doctor's reach out to a friend who is currently works in LA as a brand developer and he needed my help to design their logo. The project is still going on, but so far the client liked the one to the left.


Wine Label Design


The purpose of designing this product was to bring in focus more women in the wine industry. The femininity of the front page would draw more women and the connection between the two would make the consumer interested to see whats written in the back, which is a free invitation to all women in this company. The message is simple, pretty and direct.


Documentary Logo


These are two logos that I design about a documentary movie I produced, where I went all over Balkans to interview director on Queer cinematography. 

I intended for the image to portray the traveling aspect of the documentary and not be so visibly queer, because this way I would attract even straight audience at first.


Construction Company Logo


A construction company based in Provincetown,Massachussets asked for my help to design their logo. When I heard the name of the company those are the three elements that came in my mind. The weird shaped I in repairs is the pilgrim monument, so local know immediately where the company is located.

Postcard Design to a Celebrity

Billie Front300.jpg

This is dedicated to one of my favorite artists. I tried to make it playful, goofy and green just like herself. The background was intended to portray Blagoevgrad, the city I was living at the time, to make it inviting and personal. The message is what I as a foreigner get out of this city:

"Unapologetically Conservative

Yet Surprisingly  Daring"

Billie Back.jpg

Eintertainment Poster

Final POSTERR.jpg

The client in this project is a Hip-Hop/Rap musical group, who was performing in the city I studied at a club called Underground. After his presentation of what the group stands for from one of the member itself, I received a sarcastically comedic and brutally direct feeling from him. My final choice was the left one.



The horse in left poster represents the symbol of the city and the background is the football stadium of the city as well. 

As for the poster in the right I find the clash of movement between each object visually appealing. I only used their logo to portray the vinyl.


Magazine Spreadsheet


In this design my task was to create a spreadsheet about a magazine that talks about books to read. Considering that the subject treated by the magazine is serious, I though of creating the hook to the viewer through a direct yet fun version of the

phrase, book worm and created  the illustration of it on the top.

The rest of the magazine is mainly words which I tried to layer it in a way that the reader doesn't get overwhelmed with letter but rather adjust their sight as they move along the sheet.

At first you get a very playful feel of the magazine but the information treated is thoroughly about books.

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